Upload your own images or design
If you have your own image or design, perhaps a photo you’ve taken, an illustration you’ve created, you can turn it into a printed wall mural or wallpaper — even add text and clip art using our smart|EDITOR. Create your own individual and unique wallpaper and murals easily.
We strongly recommend using high resolution images. An image equal or greater than 8 MegaPixels should be a minimum for large size murals.
Minimum file resolution is 72 PPI. Ideal resolution is 300 PPI.
JPEG, TIFF or PDF file formats can be used.
Select a free image from our ever growing online collection
Our collection of free images is constantly growing — check back regularly to see what's new.
Add clipart and shapes to your design
Select from a large variety of clipart and shapes to spice up your design — you can even re-colour the clipart and shapes using the smart|EDITOR
Select an image from the Fotilia Image Library
Thousands of high resolutionn professional images from the worlds best photographers. More information...
Pattern Design Library
Seamless vector patterns that you can re-colour to create almost unlimited variations and designs. More information...